The following Links are posted per DOL "Compliance Assistance" - Laws of the Wage and Hour Division. All Subcontractors must ensure compliance of these Laws. Please visit the following US Dept. of Labor Website for complete in-depth description of the laws that you are required to adhere to.
Senate Builders & Construction Managers, Inc.

All subcontractors working on all Federal Government contracts are required to complete several formal documents upon receipt of a new sub-contract with Senate Builders. For your convenience, we have provided several links that will help you to obtain a copy of these forms which are blank. Upon receipt of your new sub-contract with Senate Builders, it is mandatory that you complete the forms that are relevant to your particular sub-contract and forward the executed documents to our main office. "Please note that it is your responsibility to provide all forms required by the Federal Government and that more forms may be required in addition to those that are provided below".

For Upcoming Bid Documents (Plans/Specs)

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Our safety standards mirror the guidelines of the contents contained within the website that is hosted by the US Army Corps of Engineers "The same guidelines are required of all subcontractors on every project."

Our acquisition standards mirror the guidelines of the Federal Acquisition Regulations. These regulations govern all acquisitions by and for the federal government. For your convenience, we have added the link below that will guide you to the website that is hosted by "Subcontractors are required to adhere to the same compliance of these federal acquisition regulations on every project."
Senate's Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Tour Guide
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